Raikkonen, McLaren Make Deal?

About the possibility of Kimi Raikkonen joined McLaren F1 2010 season on the blowing hard. This happened after Raikkonen management visited the McLaren headquarters in Woking, England, in the middle of this week.

According to the ITV-F1, on Wednesday (11/11) local time, Steve and David Robertson came to the Center as Technologu McLaren team principal guest Martin Whitmarsh. Identified, this meeting also to make a deal pebalap Finland joined again with McLaren, which had strengthened from 2002-2006.

Raikkonen is now the status "unemployed" because it does not have a team that will defend in the upcoming season. Former F1 world champion in 2007 has just been expelled from the Ferrari, although the new contract will be completed by the end of 2010. Ferrari's Fernando Alonso to pick up, break the contract early, although Raikkonen must pay some money as a form of compensation.

Welcoming the new season, Raikkonen has said that he only wanted to join a strong team and gave them the opportunity to achieve a second world title. Well, from the statement, "The Iceman" seems ready to join the McLaren team, although it is also reportedly going after the world champion in 2009, Jenson Button, to become world champion tandem last year, Lewis Hamilton.


Akhatam said...

Wah success terus nih... good post bro...!! keep spirit...

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rahmatpunya said...

raikkonen is the best, my favourite f1 driver.

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