The rain season is not obstacle for Holidays

For several days rain Jakarta. Gray sky as if reluctant to go too over Jakarta. Welcome to the rainy season.

The rain may impair quality vacation time with family. But, if we prepare the rainy season is not so obstacles to spend the holidays. Whatever you have in mind when vacations in the rainy season? The following short guide.

1. Know your destination area. Conditions in the rainy season in the goal area may be different from each other. There are certain areas of high rainfall, while other areas are not. In mountainous areas the rainfall is usually high. It is not possible water flushed from the endless sky.

2. Make a list of activities that make you comfortable. For some people in the room vacation more enjoyable because it does not rain. Meanwhile, for some other outdoor activities as it felt to rain more exciting.

3. Prepare physical condition. In the rainy season bacteria, viruses, bacteria, and fungi flourish. The disease is easy to attack, especially those who are weak physical condition. Good stamina would make a stronger body to attack disease. Good also if you do certain vaccinations such as malarai virus, dengue fever, or flu. Vaccination typically performed 1 week or 3 days before leaving for vacation.

4. Do not forget to take medication. Soft drugs will be helpful in certain conditions. Drugs commonly used must be taken is to migraine headaches, colds, and diarrhea. In addition, your medicine box complete with completion first aid such as antiseptic, alcohol, cotton, balm, ointment, and others.

5. Do Sepelekan clothing. Bring some warm clothes, sweaters, or jackets. Make sure all umbrella or raincoat already in the bag. No less important is the protective bag (rain cover). Do not let the important things in the bag was wet and damaged. Oh, yes, do not forget socks. Small items that one is very helpful to keep warm in cold regions.

6. Go take a shower after the rain although the cold temperatures. Rinse the body from head to toe. Bath will refresh our bodies. If you can not stand the cold water use warm water.


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