Getting the Best Hotel

When visiting out of town, in general, the targeted residence is a hotel, compared to the inn or motel. But, whether you choose hotels that are most suited to their wishes, or just sleep it ride? Follow these tips to make a hotel reservation.

• Call your Travel Agent. Travel Agent must have a price or an interesting promotion for a hotel. Ask for explanations about the condition of hotels and hotel suggestions other better.

• Travel Agent has complete data about hotels and other accommodation and most importantly the status of the room. You do not want to come and rejected for the full room right?

• Buy a guidebook about the city, especially if you're not too familiar territory. Read the inn and surrounding area lodging accommodations choices.

• Plan your arrival and departure dates. If possible, choose a time 'non-holiday', because the high season, the inn often raise prices, and not a few who add a special surcharge for high season.

• More area lodging usually depends on the activity you want to do, be it for business or just a jolly picnic or to explore the arts and culture.

• Search and select two or three hotels are included in your budget.

Call the hotel each clan clan inform the date of arrival your departure, and the requirements of the room you want. Check room rates and packages for families, such as price or special programs for children, as well as other deals.

• Ask what services you get from the price of the room. Is breakfast included? Afternoon tea? Shuttle to the airport from the clan?

• Ask about extra perangkatperangkat that may be important to you, such as: refrigerator, hair dryer, iron, gym, restaurant in the hotel area, pool, video or DVD player, movie rentals, wheelchair access and accommodation petfriendly.

• Provide information to the operator of discount hotels or bonus that may be obtained from the room price. This could include membership of a particular club, or bank customers, frequent flyer members of other airlines and so on. Make sure the bonuses are already included in the final calculation of the price of the room.

• Make a list of comparisons between price and service from the hotel choices you've prepared. And remember to ask for a non-smoking room or not.

• Record the reservation code to then be given to front office staff at check-in.

• Find out about the cancellation policy of the hotel. Each hotel has different rules. And if you cancel without notifying the hotel within the specified time, you will be charged for one night.

Enjoy the next holiday at your dream hotel!

Source: LBI


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