Sriwijaya Hotel, Hotel in Jakarta Oldest

EVER heard the name Hotel Sriwijaya? The hotel is on the corner of Jalan Jalan Veteran and Veteran I, Central Jakarta. Viewed from Juanda Station, the hotel is located on the right side not far from the Istiqlal Mosque. Hotel walls extending to Jalan Veteran I approached the ice cream parlor Ragusa.

There could be many people who do not know that the hotel on the corner of Veteran's Way is an old hotel dates back to 1872 and even a little bit backwards, 1863. Willem Alexander is Conrad Cavadino or CAW Cavadino the restaurant business started and cake in the year 1863.

Place of business is built right on the corner of Rijswijk (Jalan Veteran) and Citadelweg (Jalan Veteran I). Restaurants in the year 1872 turned into hotels Cavadino while Cavadino retail business done in a place called Shop Cavadino business in front of the hotel building.

From an ad in the year 1894, referred to as Cavadino shop that provides a candy store; brown; Havana cigars, Dutch and Manila; to beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages.

In fact, so famous for this business until the bridge in front of the hotel is called the Bridge Cavadino (Cavadino Bridge). The bridge is now located next to the Hotel Sriwijaya, parallel to the entrance to the hotel.

From old photographs on display at the hotel and also a collection of photographs KITLV, Leiden, which is shown by Scott in the book Merrillees Batavia in Nineteenth Century Photographs hotel building and a separate pastry shop. The position of buildings Hotel Cavadino, which is now so Hotel Sriwijaya, was spotted at the street corners are still very quiet with two tram lines in front of him. While Cavadino Shop - located on the right side - now a restaurant and still be part of the hotel owned Sriwijaya Ama Al Jufri.

Shop and hotel business continues until the end of the 19th century. Merrillees noted, is Cavadino CAW no longer a citizen of Batavia since 1870 even so, his efforts continue to use the name Cavadino & Co.. Hotel Cavadino lasted until 1898, since 1899 the hotel changed its name to Hotel du Lion d'Or. In the year 1941 the hotel has changed names again to Park Hotel. Now, an estimated mid-1950s the hotel's name was changed to Hotel Sriwijaya.

Hotel name remained until now. According to Andreas Burhanudin and Yoan, hotel security who had worked for 15 and 11 years, the hotel is owned by Al Jufri since around 1975. Soon the building had changed in 1999 because the conditions teak wood eaten by termites. "Afraid even collapsed," said Andreas.

Hotel front page now is the side of the hotel in the past. In the hotel lobby area is approximately 5,000 m2, terpambang ancient drawings and shop Cavadino Hotel Cavadino its history. Not only that, it was on the inner walls are also lined up the photographs and historic building in Batavia.

Although most of the old building was no longer visible, was replaced with the addition of new material here and there but at least traces of the colonial hotel was still maintained until now even the one in Jakarta


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