Stress, Take Direct Action Only

Stress can happen anywhere, on anybody, and at any time. When the stress, the body reaction in the nerve otonomik trigger the production of hormones associated with stress. This hormone causes the heart rattle faster, muscle strain and more energy out.
Harmful stress in many facets, including costs and interest of time. Anjloknya lack of productivity and creativity is part of the bad effect of stress.
this condition diperburuk with long recovery stress. We are not aware of the stress is sustained. Someone does not soon overcome the stress experienced as most choose to think, think and reflect.
A simple example, if we stuck jammed. We think, what if we wait too late, angry boss, the salary can be reduced or can-be "SP" mind that does not help to overcome the stress.
"Must take action, such as how to think straight out of congestion. This means we must have a good stress management or coping. There are two types of coping that can be done. That is, emotion focused coping and problem focused coping." Yes it is, is going though happens, fortunately we still enggak lose everything. That is the emotion focused coping, problem focused coping and more on the action that we do. Whether the confrontation, seeking social support or find solutions.


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