Tips and tricks for cheap apartments

Every time we are always faced with the offer of investment options in Kemayoran apartments, starting bid at a cheap place to bid on the project investment rupiah.Tahukan billions of your apartment, only a few locations for cheap apartments that actually makes you a passive income large enough to cover costs your life. Only a few roi promising locations in a short time. Here are some tips for apartment projects that you are buying cheap produce the greatest return on investment:

1. Location must be in 1st class road
such as property law generally, the number 1 is location, location is No. 2, No. 3 is the location. Kemayoran apartment options in the street class 1 is more appropriate because the level of property prices is higher than the street location of the class 2 or class 3.

2. Select a location in downtown
Most owners and apartment dwellers with access proximity prioritize business centers such as banking, trading centers, hotels and entertainment facilities. The closer access to the business center will increase the potential for higher prices.

3. Apartments managed by experienced management
apartment manager must have the best reputation. Some managers of international caliber to guarantee marketing success and increase the value of the apartment investment. Select a manager who has an international network that can bring in expatriates to our apartment so that the value of the rent increases faster

4. Note the status of land
best to choose an apartment with the status of land ownership. Your investment will be very, very safe to be in the land ownership status. Several projects kemayoran cheap apartments in the ground with the status of land rent cheap apartments or even kemayoran land disputes delayed making an apartment building constructed even canceled because of land conflicts.

5. Note facility
the existence of the mall to ensure the availability of all our needs is very important. Having been living in the apartment, the owner or occupier of the apartment always wanted all of her needs ranging from shopping, food center until the play is available in sufficient. The easier access, the higher the value of investment apartments.

6. Select a minimum 2 bedroom apartments
The average expatriate family or relationship with, so they need a minimum 2 bedroom to live in an apartment. The increase in the value of 2 bedroom upstairs will be higher than the percentage increase in 1 bedroom.


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ehm its info its good make me know how to find n show the apartement,thnxs n i was follow U if u agree folloe back me ok?thnxs n good luck

Catatan-catatan ringan said...

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Hadi.M said...

good, i will try for my home

Huda said...

nice trick~

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bisa dijadiin trik buat ntar nih.. :)

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