Tips fasting healthy start

The month of fasting has been shown to have many benefits, including our health.

In addition, fasting also benefit from the social and psychological side. From the social aspect, the fast train people discipline, love of justice, and kadamaian.

From the psychological side, fasting makes people become good at self control. While the health side, fasting means to rest the digestive tract (intestines), enzymes, and hormones that usually works to digest food continuously for approximately 18 hours.

These vital organs can rest for 14 hours. At the time of fasting, blood sugar levels easily controlled. If blood sugar levels down, sugar reserves in the form of glycogen in the liver began to be used. Here are some tips for you:

1. Sincere intentions. Without this, maybe you can still benefit from the endapatkan health, social, and psychiatric. But the reward for the business, do not expect you'll get it. Sincere intention can trigger you to be consistent in fasting?

2. Enough water. Very simple indeed. But this fact is often forgotten when adzan sunset reverberate. Water needs you can not just ignore it. No need to water. If you want variety, you can choose tea, milk, fruit juice, fruit cocktail, or vegetable soup, too.

3. Calorie Needs enough. Calories will produce the required human labor. Within a day, women need calories
approximately 1900 calories, 2100 calories and men. When fasting, tentunyaAnda can meet those numbers at sunset and dawn. Therefore, we suggest you choose foods that are natural, so easily turned into food calories, without producing negative effects on the body, such as the chemical ingredients in processed foods. Many of the calories that you can get from
rice, corn, or noodles. Protein can be obtained from meat, tofu, and others.

4. Eat In Gradual. Hungry for a day of fasting bukanalasan appetite for indulgence in the break.
Look at the needs you have to meet. 50-60 percent carbohydrates, 10-20 percent protein, 20-25 percent fat, enough vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits. Eat slowly. You can start with a light meal or drink manismanis like banana compote, dates or sweet tea. Sweet foods contain simple carbohydrates that will be easily absorbed and quickly raise blood sugar levels. After evening prayers, supplementary food consisting of
rice or substitute rice, protein from chicken, fish, or meat, tofu or tempeh, fiber from vegetables, and fruit. After the prayer tarawih, you can eat a snack of bread or fruit. Division of eating you can do something like this: to break 50 percent, 10 percent after the tarawih prayer, and 40 percent of the time meal.

5. LAOS diligent. Try not share the same dawn meal during fasting. Eat foods with protein content
high. Digestion and absorption of food also becomes longer than the levels of food high in carbs. After dawn, add skim milk and a multivitamin supplement for the stamina to stay awake.

6. Diligent exercise. Your body will become lethargic even if you do not exercise. No need to exercise a lot of sweat, but enough that a lot of sports sweat, but just enough light exercise such as walking, riding a bike, and others. A good exercise time is ahead of fasting.
7. Nap. This will help you to avoid excess body fluid because of sunburn or the other. In addition, a nap will reduce the stimulation of hunger that comes from the stomach.


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